Warmhaus - Minerwa Combi Boiler


Dimensions Dimensions
595 x 379 x 260 mm.
Capacity Capacity
25 kW
Control Panel Control Panel
Touch Control Panel
Sound Level Sound Level
55 dB
Modulation Rate Modulation Rate
High savings with 1:10 modulation
Efficiency Efficiency
Up to 97.5% high efficiency
Warmhaus Ödül 4 Design Awards
The world's smallest combi boiler*
Minerwa Tasarım Ödülü

Minerwa is the world's smallest combi boiler which is a multi design-award winner. Minerwa provides comfortable, safe and cost-effective operation with "Smart Gas" technology.

  • High efficiency and long lifespan with premix stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Continuous on-demand hot water with pre-heat
  • Seamless spare parts support
  • Compliant with EU ErP Directive
  • Durable front surface with polymer glass finish
  • Hot Water Comfort with Dual Taps and Up to 15 Liters per Minute Hot Water Capacity
  • 3 NTC Temperature Control Sensors
  • High level of insulation and low heat loss
  • 8-liter Expansion Tank
  • Compatible with both Natural Gas (NG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) without the need for part replacement for LPG.
  • Available in 4 different color options (White, Black, Metallic Gray, and Burgundy).
  • ErP Compliant Frequency-Controlled Pump

*In its class

  UNIT Minerwa
Gas Circuit (Gas Type / Supply Pressure) (mbar) G20 (20) G25 (25) G30 (30) G31 (37)
Gas Consumption at Minimum / Maximum m³/h 0.37 / 2.38 0.43 / 2.85 0.107 / 0.728 0.11 / 0.92
Efficiency   G20 G25 G30 G31
Useful efficiency at rated heat output and high temperature regime(2) (ŋ4) % % 87,6 86,8 89,7 87,7
Useful efficiency at 30% of rated heat output and low temperature regime(1) (ŋ1) % 97,5 97,5 96,6 97,7
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency % 92 (Class A)
Radiator Circuit   G20 G25 G30 G31
Maximum/Minimum Heat Output Pn (80/60 °C) kW 23.7 / 3 23.7 / 3 23.6 / 3.2 23.7 / 2.5
Maximum Heat Output Pn (50/30 0C) kW 25 25 24,33 25
Temperature selection range (min÷max) High / Low °C 25 ÷ 80  /  25 ÷ 47
Operating Pressure (Minimum/Maximum) bar 0.5 / 3
Expansion tank useful volume bar 7
Max. Pump Flow Rate l/h 2500
Domestic Hot Water Circuit Max./Min. Heat Input kW 31.2 / 3.5
Max. Domestic Hot Water flow rate ( (Δt: 30 0C) /Δt: 35 0C) l/min. 15 / 13
Minimum / Maximum water pressure bar 0.5 / 10
Temperature adjustment range °C 35 - 60
Electricity Consumption (Max./Min.) [230 V +%10; -%15] Watt 95 / 55
Exhaust Gas Circuit   G20 G25 G30 G31
(50/30 °C) Exhaust gas temperature (Min. / Max.) °C 49 / 51 48 / 49 43 / 57 47 / 51
Weighted value of Nox (Class 6) mg/kWh 20 19 42 31
General   Protection Index: IPX5D Sound Level: 55 dB (A)
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 595 x 379 x 260
Net / Packed Device Weight kg 26 / 29

Superior Features of Warmhaus

Warmhaus icon
High Safety with Gas Adaptive Technology

The Gas Adaptive Technology automatically detects gas quality and prevents improper combustion, ensuring safety. Proper combustion maximizes energy efficiency, utilizing the full potential of the gas.

Warmhaus icon
Long-Lasting Use with Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The use of wide-channel, seamless, single-coil stainless steel domestic hot water heat exchangers ensures a long lifespan.

Warmhaus icon
High Savings with 1:10 Modulation

With a wide modulation range of 1:10, it can reduce its power down to 3kW, allowing you to adjust its capacity according to your needs and saving both gas and electricity.

Warmhaus icon
Continuous On-Demand Hot Water with Pre-Heat

By selecting the pre-heating parameter in your combi, the waiting time for hot water usage is minimized.

Warmhaus icon
Hot Water Comfort with Dual Taps

With a hot water capacity of up to 15 liters per minute, it allows you to simultaneously use hot water from two taps.

Warmhaus icon
Corrosion-Resistant Brass Hydroblock

Featuring brass and composite components that are resistant to thermal stresses and corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan and years of trouble-free use.

Warmhaus icon
4 Design Awards

Recognized for being the 'world's smallest combi' in its segment and for its compact design.

Warmhaus icon
Smart Digital Display

An illuminated, wide information screen that allows you to access information about heating, hot water, pressure, and adjustments.

Warmhaus icon
Quiet Operation

Operates very quietly thanks to high level of insulation

Warmhaus icon
Compliance with ErP Directive for Lowest NOx Emissions in Exhaust Gas

Achieving the best class level, which is level 6, for NOx as stipulated by the ErP Directive, helps reduce air pollution by lowering harmful NOx emissions.

Warmhaus icon
High Protection System

High Protection System/bypass circuit and prevents the pump from overworking

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