Warmhaus Brand Policies


Kalite Politikası
Quality Policy

We commit to ensure the sustainability of the resources for quality and environmental management system based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, which we carry out in line with our strategic goals.

We commit to increase the quality of our products and services, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, increasing the efficiency of our processes by following technological developments, and ensuring efficient use of resources, as described by our Quality Management System.

We commit to fully comply with the legal requirements and other requirements for product and service quality, understanding the internal and external issues and determining the needs and expectations by analyzing them.

We aim to be the leading company in the sector by acting in full compliance with the requirements of our policy with all our employees.

Çevre Politikası
Environmental Policy

We accept and undertake as an important part of our business the planning and realization of practices aiming to continuously increase the performance of the system, together with compliance with the National and International laws and customer requirements established in this direction, regarding the protection of the environment and the transfer of healthier resources to future generations.

In this context; we work to develop environmentally friendly products, we determine the environmental dimensions that may occur during our activities and evaluate their effects.

İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Politikası
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Employee health and safety is our first priority in our company. No job takes priority over Occupational Health and Safety rules.

Our first priority is to ensure the health, safety and comfort of our employees and 3rd parties by complying with legal and other requirements.

In our company, our employees from all levels and the 3rd parties have the authority to stop the work and to wait for the work by notifying the authorized person in order to eliminate the risk when they see a vital risk.

Sosyal Sorumluluk Politikası
Social Responsibility Policy

We commit to take all security precautions in our company, to make the wages and payments included in the laws and the collective bargaining agreement, to determine the working hours and to comply with the voluntary basis of overtime, to respect the personality and dignity of the employee, not to make corporate punishments, verbal, physical or psychological harassment or coercion not to allow any discrimination based on race, religion, language, to respect the right of workers to join an authorized union and to bargain collectively, not to employ forced or involuntary labor, to prevent child labor, customs and so on We undertake to comply with all regulations and to evaluate the social compliance activities of the supplier companies we work with.