Aquwa Hermetik Water Heater

Aquwa 12

Aquwa 12
Dimensions Dimensions
638 x 336 x 242 mm.
Capacity Capacity
21 kW heating capacity
Control Panel Control Panel
Digital LCD display and buttons
Sound Level Sound Level
48 dB
Modulation Rate Modulation Rate
Wide-range combustion and very low electricity consumption
Efficiency Efficiency
Up to 89.2% high efficiency

With a 12-liter capacity, it provides maximum hot water efficiency with minimum size. Along with easy and safe usage, it ensures excellent performance with low energy consumption.

  • Durable Copper heat Exchanger
  • Continuous Hot Water
  • 2 Years Warranty.
  • Class A Energy Efficiency
  • Lowest NOx emissions in Exhaust Gas (Class 6)
  • Compatible with Solar Heating Systems
  • Temperature adjustment range for water: 35 - 60 °C
  • Electricity Consumption Equivalent To Just One Light Bulb
  • Fast Hot Water With Precise Demand Detection Thanks To The Turbine Flow Sensor
  • Comfortable Hot Water Production Of 12 Liters per minute.
  • Safe Usage with Smart Safety Technology
  • Small Volume With Compact Dimensions
Gas type   (G20) G31
Gas Supply Pressure mbar 20 37
Gas Category   I2H  I2H, I2E, I2E(S), I3P, II2E3P, II2E(S)3P, II2H3P, II2E+3P.
Rated Heat Load (Minimum) kW 10.0 10
Rated Heat Load (Maximum) kW 23.5 23,5
Rated Heat Power (Minimum) kW 8.90 8,95
Rated Heat Power (Maximum) kW 20.7 20,6
Efficiency (Minimum) % 89.2 89,5
Efficiency (Maximum) % 88.1 87,62
Gas Consumption (minimum) m3/h 1.03 0,4
Gas Consumption (maximum) m3/h 2.43 0,959
Nozzles   85 50
NOx Grade 6 6
NOx mg/kWh 37.7 26
Hot water Load profile Load Profile L
Seasonal Efficiency % 77
Seasonal Efficiency Class Grade A
Minimum Water Flow ℓ/min. 3
Maximum Water Capacity (ΔT=25 °C) ℓ/min. 12
Sound Level dB 48
Water Pressure (max.) bar 10
Water Pressure (min.) bar 0.5
Setting Range oC 35-60
Power Supply V AC 230 V +10%;-15%, 50 Hz
Electrical Protection Class   IPX4D
Electric Consumption W 20 - 30
Waste Gas Temperature (min.-max.) oC 110 - 190
Flue type   C12, C32
C42, C52, C62, C82, B22, B22P
Flue mass flow rate (min./max) g/s 9 / 13
Dimensions mm 638 x 336 x 242
Volume of Device Liter 51.9
Weight, Net kg 15
Weight, Gross kg 17
To ensure correct operation over time, the appliance should be checked

Superior Features of Warmhaus

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High Capacity Option

With a 12-liter capacity, it provides high efficiency and maximum comfort. It ensures uninterrupted hot water supply.

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Minimum Size, Maximum Performance

It takes up minimal space in your home while delivering high performance alongside its compact design.

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Optimal Installation with Sealed Flue

It ensures excellent air circulation without the need for additional parts during flue connection and provides the most accurate disposal of exhaust gases into the environment.

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New Technology in Electricity Consumption

Thanks to the powerful and modulating operation of the built-in fan, it ensures minimum electricity consumption.

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Compliant with ERP Regulation and Most Efficient Class

Aquwa, which has the lowest NOx emissions in exhaust gases (Class 6), provides an environmentally friendly usage.

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Continuous Hot Water Comfort

It continues to produce uninterrupted hot water to prevent temperature fluctuations that may occur due to changes in temperature and flow during hot water usage. This way, it provides comfortable hot water for use, ranging from 3 to 12 liters per minute, without experiencing hot/cold fluctuations.

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