Minerwa System Boiler

Minerwa System Boiler

Minerwa System Boiler
Dimensions Dimensions
595 x 379 x 260 mm.
Capacity Capacity
25 kW
Control Panel Control Panel
Touch Control Panel
Sound Level Sound Level
55 dB
Warmhaus Ödül 4 Design Awards
The world's smallest combi boiler*
Minerwa Tasarım Ödülü

Minerwa, its award-winning design, is the world's smallest system boiler and provides safe, comfortable, and cost-effective operation with the Smart Gas Technology.

  • Continuous on-demand hot water with pre-heat
  • Seamless spare parts support
  • Durable front surface with polymer glass finish
  • Hot Water Comfort with Dual Taps and Up to 15 Liters per Minute Hot Water Capacity
  • High quality components
  • High level of insulation and low heat loss
  • Water Flow Inspection
  • Controlled Pump
  • Available in 4 different color options (White, Black, Metallic Gray, and Burgundy).
  • Fully automatic ignition system

* Own Class

GC Number    
Maximum DHW Heat Input
(When the boiler is connected to an external storage tank unit)
kW 31,5
Maximum CH Heat Input (net) kW 24,2
Minimum Heat Input (net) kW 3,5
Heating Circuit   G20 G31
Maximum Heat Output (80/60 °C) Pn 23,7 23,7
Minimum Heat Output (80/60 °C) Pn 3,0 2,5
Maximum Heat Output (50/30 °C) Pnc 25 25
Minimum Heat Output (50/30 °C) Pnc 3,6 2,9
Maximum Pressure bar 3
Minimum Pressure bar 0,3
Expansion Vessel Water Capacity Litres 8
Expansion Vessel Pre-Charge bar 1
Maximum Water Capacity in System Litres 125
CH Temperature Adjustment °C 25-80
Combustion Specification   G20 G31
Gas Rate - Max m³/h 2,38 0,92
Gas Rate – Min m³/h 0,37 0,11
C02 – Maximum Power (AUTO CALIBRATION ONLY) % 8.7 - 9.2 10 - 10.5
C02 – Minimum Power (AUTO CALIBRATION ONLY) % 8.6 – 9.4 10 – 10.5
C02 – Ignition Power (AUTO CALIBRATION ONLY) % 8.8 – 9.3 10 – 10.5
Minimum Inlet dynamic Gas Pressure mbar 14,00 37,00
Electrical Specification    
Power Supply V 240
External Supply Fuse Rating amp 3
Internal Supply Fuse Rating amp 3,15
Electricity Consumption W 95
Index Protection IP IPX5D
Electrical Power Supply Frequency Hz 50
Flow Connection mm 22
DHW Connection mm 15
Gas Connection mm 22
Cold Inlet Connection mm 15
Return Connection mm 22
Condensate Connection mm 21,5
PRV Connection – Copper mm 15
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 595 x 379 x 260
Net Weight kg 26
Packaged Weight kg 29
Clearances Above Casing mm 200
Clearances Below Casing mm 300
Clearances Front - Operational mm 5
Clearances Front - Servicing mm 450
Clearances Right Hand Side mm 25
Clearances Left Hand Side mm 25
Sound Level dB 55
NOx Classification   6

Superior Features of Warmhaus

Warmhaus icon
High Protection System

High Protection System/bypass circuit and prevents the pump from overworking

Warmhaus icon
Water Pressure Protection System

High and Low Water Pressure Protection System

Warmhaus icon
Protection Against Freezing

Warmhaus icon
Continuous On-Demand Hot Water with Pre-Heat

By selecting the pre-heating parameter in your combi, the waiting time for hot water usage is minimized.

Warmhaus icon
Corrosion-Resistant Brass Hydroblock

Featuring brass and composite components that are resistant to thermal stresses and corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan and years of trouble-free use.

Warmhaus icon
Smart Digital Display

Illuminated, large information screen that allows for control of heating, hot water, pressure, and adjustments.

Warmhaus icon
Quiet Operation

Operates very quietly thanks to high level of insulation

Warmhaus icon
Ease of Use with Summer and Winter Mode

Warmhaus icon
Fault Code Display Feature

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