Our Values


Warmhaus works to create and develop products and provides service in the most effective way. It develops its services to provide effective solutions while enhancing the specifications of the products continuously.


Credibility is among the most important values for Warmhaus. Faik Çelik Holding which is behind the brand, has deep roots and believes that it grew thanks to credibility.


There's no such thing as doing as accepting less than excellence with Warmhaus. Therefore, it keeps looking for the better and shows it’s superiority with it’s above average performance.


Warmth is important to Warmhaus in both real meaning and figuratively speaking. At Warmhaus we love to engage with people, enjoy life and believe in the value of warmth. We believe that fire is the most important invention.


You would like to keep your home warm and we work to provide warmth more.


We work for a world where there is no need for hot water bottles.

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