Starting the mass production of the smallest boiler in the world

Expanding to China

Increasing the capacity of the Warmhaus boiler factory

Increase in number of countries Warmhaus boilers are exported to: 9

Receiving a certificate of compliance with European standards after the CE inspection in boiler production areas

Launching the smallest boiler in the world which was designed by the Warmhaus R&D team, in Frankfurt ISH Fair in March 2017

Moving Warmhaus Turkey Office to Nidakule Ataşehir, İstanbul

Operationalizing Warmhaus Boiler Factory in Bursa, Turkey

Uniting every product under the Warmhaus brand

Operationalizing Great Britain bureau and storage area

Uniting every product under the Warmhaus brand

Bringing together the Warmhaus branded boilers with consumers in domestic and foreign markets

Receiving a CE certificate which certifies compliance with European standards for Warmhaus products

Operationalizing Great Britain warehouse and storage facility

Number of countries radiators are exported to : 32

At 369th place among the ISO second 500 companies

Moving Çelikpan Radiator Factory to it’s current location within the organised industrial zone in Bursa

Increasing the capacity with new investments

Starting foreign export with the brand Panelli

Founding the Çelikpan Radiator Factory


Starting production with the brand Çelikpan in an area in Beyçelik Gestamp in Bursa, Turkey

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