WARMHAUS Designed for elegance engineered for performance

About Us


Beyçelik Holding founded in 1976, the companies merged under the umbrella of the holding in 2006. 7 companies operating in the industries of  automotive supply, energy, heat, insurance and tourism. The Holding has been serving humanity with Beyçelik Gestamp and Çelikform Gestamp in automotive, Celikpan in climate, Gesbey and FC Energy in renewable energies, Sheraton Bursa and Aloft Bursa Hotels in tourism and Bursa Steel Insurance in insurance sector, which carry brands in international scale as a result of successful partnerships with leading companies in the field of the world.

BeyCelik Holding, which has worn the consumers with the Warmhaus brand which it has been living with in 2016, aims to be one of the leading brands of Turkey in the climate industry within 5 years.

Targeting globalization in its fields of activity, Beyçelik Holding provides employment opportunities to more than 4,000 people through business initiatives in different cities. The Holding is a group of companies that focus on creating more added value to all their social stakeholders, working in a manner that is respectful of the environmentally conscious and social values, as required by social responsibility.

Our Vision

To be a world company known and respected for its proper entrepreneurship in various sectors.

Our Mission

To provide a competitive advantage, while making no compromises in quality and service and to be a group which contributes positive elements to society and the environment, as well as making financial gains.

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